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Instant Valuation

“Moving House” may be the term we commonly use, but moving HOME is surely a better description for one of life’s more stressful experiences. Few changes in life, other than a relationship, can stir such emotions.

Since the 3% higher rate SDLT (Stamp Duty) surcharge was introduced on second homes there can be confusion as to whether this is payable when a couple decides to split.

One of the property terms that can be confusing is the word “deposit”, especially among first-time buyers who have previously been renting.

The press is currently full of mixed messages about the property market, especially in view of the various issues surrounding Brexit. Will the market rise, will it fall, is it a good or a bad time to move? Fortunately, we have remained extremely busy, and find ourselves in need of stock to support this demand.  

Most estate agents think that it’s ok to take their own photographs. Digital photography has improved everyone’s photographic skills, with instant previews quickly highlighting whether a picture will be good enough for property marketing. 

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