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Let Only Equivalent to one month’s rent including VAT
Letting and Rent Collection 12% of the rent (10% plus VAT)
Letting and Full Management 14.4% of the rent (12% plus VAT)
Letting and HMO Management 18% of the rent (15% plus VAT)

Additional non option charges and fees

Tenancy Set up (included in Let only) (Charged for every new let - Tenant references, right to rent checks, preparation of the tenancy agreement, deposit registration). £420 inc VAT (£350 plus VAT)
Negotiation and administering renewal with deposit registration £180 inc VAT (£150 plus VAT)
Energy Performance Certificate £114 inc VAT (£95 plus VAT)
Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (Including boiler service and up to 2 gas appliances) From £150 inc VAT (£125 plus VAT)
Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) From £222 inc VAT (£185 plus VAT)
Portable Appliance Test Certificate (PAT) (Up to 4 appliances) From £90 inc VAT (£75 plus VAT)
Legionella Risk Assessment Report From £120 inc VAT (£100 plus VAT)
Inventory New Take and Inventory Check Out (Dependent on number of bedrooms/or size of property) Ask for current rates
Project Management works on non-day to day maintenance works (exceeding £1,000 inc VAT) 12% inc VAT of the total cost of works
Annual income and expenditure schedule £90 inc VAT (£75 plus VAT)
Submission of Non-Resident Landlords receipts to HMRC £36 plus VAT per return (£30 plus VAT)
Service of Notice (Section 21, 8, 13) £84 inc VAT (£70 plus VAT)
Additional inspection visits £60 inc VAT (£50 plus VAT)
Deposit negotiation for non-managed services £180 inc VAT (£150 plus VAT)
*Withdrawal of the property prior to move in £420.00 inc VAT (£350 plus VAT)

Our rent collection and management commission is payable monthly based on the gross rent payable for the full term of the tenancy as per the tenancy agreement to include any extensions and renewals.

Our let only commission is payable upon commencement of the tenancy.

*Payable if after terms have been agreed but before the tenancy agreement is executed.

N.B. We may receive commission & referral fees from third party contractors

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