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Hodsons are delighted that the St Nicolas School May Fair was a huge success, it was great fun to be a part of the day and we were so pleased to see our winner collect their iPad for correctly guessing how many balloons were in the Hodsons car!  We are so please to announce that the May Fair raised a whopping.......

We British love a royal wedding! The unifying effect of such an event as this weekend’s, in which millions of people are interested (ok, not everyone of course) usually generates a feelgood factor that spreads throughout the economy. This wedding is no different and it comes at a time when the public is slightly jaded by Brexit confusion and needs a bit of a tonic.

You may know your property better than anyone else, but when the time comes to sell it, a well-trained sales negotiator will maximise your chances of success, for the following reasons:

St Nicolas Primary School May Fair - Saturday 12th May - 11am-2pm

Hodsons Estate Agents are delighted to support St Nics and their May Fair....

First impressions are not only important when selling your home, they are absolutely critical. When people come to view a property for the first time, they are unlikely to be scrutinising the unseen. They are simply trying to get a feel for the property. They will be bombarded with mostly visual impressions, many of which you can positively influence.

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